You are Loved 

You. Are. Loved. 

No matter who you are. No matter where you are. No matter what you’ve done. 

You. Are. Loved. 

(Can we just let that truth sink in for a moment?)

We’re rushing and hurrying through our days, flustered and overwhelmed, and God is calling us to slow down and rest in His love. To be still and know Him. To stop chasing the temporal and fix our eyes on the eternal.

To believe that He has lavished His perfect love on us, His beloved children. 

To sit at His feet and receive His truth and love with open hands, so that we can be armed and ready to defeat the enemy and silence his crafty lies. 

Lately I’ve been listening to the lie that I am an inconvenience. To God. To my family. To my friends. That I’m a bother when I call or text. That I’m a burden when I have a need. That I’m just bugging everyone. 

But mostly, I see it in my relationship with the Lord. 

That feeling of, “Hi God. It’s me… again.”

Broken me… the one that’s weary in the waiting, trying to dwell in the unknown and uncertainty without wavering in her faith. 

Overwhelmed me… heavy-laden and burdened by the weight of this dark world, feeling zapped of strength just moments after being in His presence. 

Needy me… the one that still struggles sometimes with anger and yelling at her kids, that sees all the imperfections and where she doesn’t measure up. 

“Sorry to bug you. It’s just me…”

But God’s truth crushes the lies. His light invades the darkness. His love casts out the fear. 

It’s me.

A precious daughter of the Most High King. A selfish sinner saved by grace on an adventurous journey heavenward. A mighty woman who has been set by God in an incredible family – handpicked to be a mother to her children and a wife to her husband. A daughter, a sister, a friend.

I am NOT an inconvenience. And neither are you. 

I am loved. And so are you.

Do you believe it?

Sometimes it’s easier to see the lies in someone else’s life, to see how ridiculous and far from the truth they are. 

So I’m praying that we’ll look inward and take captive every thought, every lie, and drown it with the Truth. Get your Bible and get ready to fight the devil. He’s the father of lies, and our Heavenly Father longs for us to take hold of His truth and grace and be loved.

You. Are. Loved. 


2 thoughts on “You are Loved 

  1. Megan, Never, never, never think you are an inconvenience, PLEASE!!!! You are a delightful gift to those who know you!!! When those thoughts come, and I do think they creep into each of our minds at times, it is the father of lies who puts them there!!! Thankfully you do know the answer …. to cling to God and His word ! You are so gifted in so many ways and are such a fragrance of Christ …. a prime target for our enemy! Love you❤❤❤


    • Thank you Carlene! 💗 I love you! God just brought it to the forefront on my mind (during Day 1 of our bible study homework) that I was believing this lie, and I hadn’t really realized it before! I hope and pray others will find freedom and victory over the devil’s lies, and know in their heart how loved by God they are! 💕


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