Life is Like a Box of Legos

It’s Spring Break here, and I’ve spent the majority of it at home… with my 4 kids… playing Legos. 😀

I have discovered that I love Lego sets. 

You get step by step directions and all the pieces you need. Plus a few extra replacements. And you have a picture of what the end result will be. What you’re working toward.

But a giant box of random Legos? No guidelines or structure. Just a mess that requires a bit more creativity. 

I’m wondering if life is a little more like that big box of Legos. Even if I prefer the perfect set that I can put together just right… life is not so black and white.

I want to be where God wants me, doing the work He prepared in advance for me to do. But what if there’s not a step-by-step guide to get there? What if He wants me to think and dream and be creative? 

What if we break out of the box that others have put us in? What if we shatter the mold that we’ve made for ourselves? What if we read our Bible, pray for Him to lead us, and then start stepping out in faith? We may take a detour or two, we may stumble along the way, but we may end up creating a pretty spectacular masterpiece that far exceeds what a booklet could tell us to create. 

Either way, this place is not our home. We’re on a journey heavenward.  

Either way, you’ll need these slippers. Because there’s nothing worse than stepping on a stray Lego. 

Taking time away from the Lego sets to build our own creations…


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