Slow Down

(From June 1st… because June has been a crazy month.)

Things to remember:

  1. I have a big forehead.
  2. I shouldn’t reach down to pick something up when I’m closing a door right in front of my face. (It will probably result in a huge bump on my big forehead.)
  3. I do not have bangs to hide said bump. 
  4. Slow down. Close the door, then pick up the things. 

My pride (aka my big head) can get in the way of simple tasks. 

My impatience can lead to some painful truths, some ugly bumps that don’t lie (or go away quickly).

When I stop to ponder the life lessons, I’m reminded of the love. God’s love. His perfect, unfailing, unconditional love.

And that He calls me to abide in His love. 

Housefires has a song called “This Is Where I Belong” and it’s a perfect reminder that we belong “held by the arms of love…”

In this season, this crazy busy season, He’s calling me to slow down. To be present. To rest in His loving arms. 

He’s reminding me that He’s not in a hurry, and He’s never late. He’s right on time… His time. 

So I’ll slow down in the things that I’m rushing and remember to breathe. After all, that is my word for the year. How quickly I forget that sometimes I just need to breathe. To be still. To know Him. To love Him and be loved by Him.


2 thoughts on “Slow Down

  1. I love this Megan, I am still hoping to have you teach next year or record some before you move, if you move. Praying for God’s unfolding goodness in your story! Nancy


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