Next Steps

When the time comes to leave the people you love, and you reflect back on the last six months…

All the waiting, wondering, the what if’s – they culminate and you’re left with memories of grief and joy, sorrow and trusting, broken hearts mended with open hands…

When you know you’re going to miss “this”… your husband leading this congregation in worship, singing to God of His grace and His faithfulness, surrounded by your kids and your best friends and their kids… when you wonder how in the world God is going to take you from strength to strength and glory to glory when this seems pretty glorious…

I have to remind myself as I count the “lasts” in this favorite town of mine that we’re being transplanted, not uprooted. That this season was all part of His beautiful plan and that it had such great purpose – to teach me to love again. To take my heart of stone and make it beat again. To peel off some more layers of self and to be clothed with more of Him.

And to believe that He’s not finished with me yet. There’s still more He wants to do in me and through me. That He’s leading us to a place that’s a better fit for our family in this next season of our lives. 

This quote from Corrie Ten Boom has been such an encouragement to me in the last month: “Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.” Before we knew our next step, it was a great reminder to get to know the One who does. In all honesty, there’s so much we don’t know regarding what our future holds, but we have an opportunity to know the One who does.

In case you missed our announcement, after nearly 6 months of asking, seeking, and knocking, God has opened the door for a new job for my husband. Knowing the location of our next step has made the process a little more exciting. There are still some unknowns in this season of transition, but we know God is trustworthy. He has a plan, and it is good; He will make a way. My prayer continues to be that He would drown my fears in His perfect love.

Looking back over the last two months specifically, it’s amazing to see how God unfolded this new chapter. One of the coolest things for me is that it’s in a location that we weren’t expecting. 

Our son has a genetic condition, and on May 9th he had a pretty rough appointment in Seattle. Realizing that he needs more help than we can give him, I went into research mode, skimming 50+ books from the library on things from brain imbalances to brain-gut connection. At that appointment we were invited to a fun, family event for his condition. My mom was able to take him for us, and she started researching the event online. Through that, she found out there’s a summer camp for kids with this genetic condition in the Poconos. (I totally had to Google where the Poconos are. They’re really far away. Pennsylvania to be exact.) 

That same day she told me about the camp, I found a job posting at a church in Pennsylvania. I sent it to my husband to see if he wanted to apply. Maybe it was God. Maybe not. But He had called us to knock and to trust that He’d open the right door.

So we knocked.

Jon sent his resume and application, and filled out a follow-up questionnaire. 

Our son went to that event with my mom. He brought home some literature, and I discovered the national center for his condition is 3 1/2 hours from the church. And I finally put a couple more pieces of his puzzle together: the majority of his symptoms all stem from this genetic condition. And there is no medical protocol (yet) for kids like him with this syndrome. 

Three days later, Jon had a FaceTime interview with the church. It went really well, and they decided to fly us out for a visit. With their schedule, it would be one month later.

So we waited some more. 

I had a call in to one of our son’s doctors in Seattle to ask – if we could move anywhere in the country to be by the best hospital for him and his genetic condition, where would it be? The nurse called back after the interview, before our trip, with her answer: Pennsylvania. To the very hospital where our doctor in Seattle studied and did most of her research on this condition. 

The time for our trip came; Jon and I were excited for 5 days away together and to see about this place called Pennsylvania. There were some bumps along the way (from terrible turbulence to cancelled flights and rental car drama)… but God’s faithfulness remained intact. We fell in love with the the people, the location, the hope.

Jon applied at 40 churches all over the country. We weren’t sure exactly where God wanted us, but we were willing to find out. We visited Pennsylvania with an open mind and open heart, not really expecting to have an answer right away. But God overwhelmed us with love and hope and vision and grace on our trip. And He provided a job! Less than a week before Jon’s last scheduled day of work. (God is never late! 😊) 

This last Sunday was bittersweet for us, saying goodbye to so much more than a job – our beloved church family of the past three years. We are forever grateful for our time here in this place, and it is so hard to say goodbye to the people we love. At the same time, we can’t wait to get back to our new home, to our next step in Pennsylvania, to start building relationships with the people there. 

We picked a day to move and we’re quickly working toward it. We appreciate your prayers in this season of transition, in this new time of waiting and unknowns. We’re praying for all the details to work out in His (proven) perfect timing, for our kids, for our hearts, and for our eyes to stay fixed on Jesus! ❤️


10 thoughts on “Next Steps

  1. Wherever you and Jon and the kids go – know this – you are loved, you are powerful and you are influencing and strengthening lives all over! God is with you and for you – and he cares about Elijah. What a complete gift of grace! ❤


  2. MEGAN!!!!! It is with a heavy heart that I watch you go into your next step!!! I have learned so much from you and are excited for all that you will learn and teach on your journey. You are wise beyond your years and I will miss coming alongside of you and learning from you. You have poured new wine into this old wineskin! But thank God he seasoned me to open my heart to learn new things so as not to burst!!! I love you sister – beyond words.


  3. Bravo for good waiting and trusting and wrestling and trusting and waiting and trusting!! Now we have this amazing story of our faithful, never-too-late God and all He does in His perfect timing to shaw our insides while He works till the last moment to see us smile in amazement!! celebrating!!!


  4. Transplanted, not uprooted, you say. When I transplant something, I’m giving it a better place to grow, somewhere more suited to its needs. That sound just like what God is doing with you guys. I’m really glad you have a blog so we will be able to glimpse the results of God’s faithfulness as your Chief Gardener. Blessings!!


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